Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church

Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church

We are a downtown Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Rev. Sean Palmer, Temporary Supply Pastor

Ms. Ivy Murrain, Clerk of Session

Mr. Hunt Jones serves as the administrative assistant.

Mrs. Jacqueline Pearson serves as the sexton.


          Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church

       "Serving Others as Disciples of Christ!"


We believe that all are called to ministry and service through the waters of baptism, so all take part in the leadership and functioning of the church in worship and in service.  As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A our leadership can be ordained and installed to 2 offices: deacon and elders. We currently have 7 deacons and 6 elders. Our  current officers are as follows:


Ms. Janie Anderson, Mrs. Carolyn Ferguson, Mrs. Janie Mitchell, Ms. Matrice Morrison, Mrs. Judith White, Mrs. Matlynn Yeoman, and Mr. Andrian Jackson, Youth Representative                

Rev. John Pflug, Moderator

Ms. Ivy Murrain Clerk of Session



Mrs. Icie Anderson, Mrs. Tanya Charles, Mrs. Carmen Code, Mrs. Jacqueline Pearson, Mr. Rufus Pearson, Ms. Angela Jackson and Mr. William Crawford, Moderator